The Film Festival Turkey Germany is regarded throughout Germany as the most important event for intercultural dialog between German and Turkish cinema. Year after year, it presents a multifaceted selection of feature films, short films and documentaries from both countries, giving the audience a unique insight into current filmmaking in Germany and Turkey.

A film festival is more than just the screening of films. The special atmosphere creates a unique film experience that is characterized by numerous interpersonal encounters. This makes the film festival an important social medium that helps to bridge social distances and break down prejudices. Always in tune with the times, the films convey unknown realities of life and invite viewers to put themselves in the shoes of foreign worlds and characters. The festival format is characterized by film discussions that facilitate a dialogue between the audience and the filmmakers who have travelled to the festival.


The Film Festival Turkey Germany aims to promote cultural exchange between different cultural groups through the aesthetic and informative means of cinema. It serves as a platform for discourse and gives new impulses to cultural mediators from both countries, while supporting exchange and cooperation between filmmakers from Germany and Turkey.

The Film Festival Turkey Germany is supported by renowned artists who enrich the festival with their personal participation. Personalities such as Mario Adorf, Zülfü Livaneli, Fatih Akın, Sibel Kekili, Tim Seyfi, Kadir İnanır, Şener Şen, Uğur Yücel, Kenan İmirzalioğlu and, of course, Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth regularly attend the festival.