• Markus König, Mayor Stadt Nürnberg 
  • Prof. Dr. Julia Lehner, Vice mayor Stadt Nürnberg
  • Ludwig Ammann, Islamic Studies, Publicist 
  • Kemal Faruk Aysu, Managing Director, Jeweler WOGS Collection
  • Dr. İsmail Baloğlu, Orthopedist  
  • Selim Çelebi, Managing Director, FutureCom GmbH
  • Adem Deliduman, Managing Director, Adem Bäckerei
  • Osman Ersoy, Owner, Boutique Hotel Villa-Soy 
  • Zeynep Ersoy, Managing Director, Boutique Hotel Villa-Soy 
  • Helmut Friedel, Managing Director
  • Günter Gloser, Minister of State OD 
  • Alper Güleç, Managing Director, Gulec Chemicals
  • Hüseyin İlhan, Managing Director, Autoland Fürth 
  • Adil Kaya, Managing Director
  • Dr. Ulrich Maly, Mayor OD
  • Ersin Uğurlu, Managing Director Seda-Reisen

believe that the film festival Turkey Germany in Nuremberg with its unique status troughout Germany is an important support for the integration of the entire German society as a whole. The Circle of Friends invites all fans of art & culture to join the Circle of Friends of the film festival Turkey Germany or to support the festival with donations.

We kindly ask those who are interested in our festival to get in touch with us.
Phone: +49 911 929 65 60
e-mail: festival@fftd.net

Donations to:
Filmfestival Türkei Deutschland
Sparkasse Nürnberg

IBAN: DE21 7605 0101 0001 2496 95